Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buddy Guy and his Friends.

This spring has been slow coming. We got snow the last few weeks in March. I was disappointed that it snowed again, however the kids loved it. They filled their dump trucks up and then had a snow ball fight. It was fun to watch them enjoy the snow so much. If it isn't raining Isabella wants to be outside.

Tristan is getting so big. He is 3 months old and can "talk" up a storm. He is always smiling and laughing and babbling. He loves to watch the kids play and will lay on his tummy for long periods of time if they are playing near him. They love to play with Tristan, and make him laugh. Our nickname for Tristan is buddy guy. Isabella loves to introduce us as her friends. She is so sweet! Isaac gives Tristan an hug each morning and comments on how tiny and cute he is. Isabella is so helpful. She like to hold him and will help me get this for him if I am busy. I love my kids!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This past week was one of great anticipation. Stanley matched to a Triple Board Residency program. Triple board means that he will get board certified in three specialties. Pediatrics, Pediatric Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry. We will be moving to Indianapolis, Indiana. It was quite a shock for us. It was our third choice but we were kind of banking on the fact that we would go to Utah or Cincinnati, OH. I hadn't even given a thought to Indiana. so when we got the email we were shocked and then excited. We spent most of the day looking up different facts about Indiana. The more I learn the more excited I am go be going there. We know that it must be where the Lord wants us. I am sure there are lots of reason for our family to be there and I am excited to learn them.

It has been an especially rainy and cold spring here in Portland. So I look forward to the warmth and sunshine in Indiana. The night we found out my two friends were so sweet and came to babysit for us so we could go out on a date. The kids loved having 2 moms giving them undivided attention. I am so blessed to have such good friend! We will really miss Portland and all the friends that we have made. I feel like last week was the beginning of a race. Now I am in a race with time to get everything in order for us to move. Here goes! T-2 months until we move.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stanley's 29th Birthday

Today was Stan's birthday and we had a great day celebrating. Sunday night Stan made the best brownies and then on Monday the kids and I went to visit him at work to bring brownies to the office staff. He enjoys showing off his little family, and the offie staff loved having the kids there for a bit. Then I took them to the Dollar Store to pick out gifts they wanted to give Daddy. They had a blast! Isabella insisted we get balloons and a birthday hat as well. The kids were so excited to have Daddy come home and open presents that he barely had time to put down his bag and coat before they dragged him to the little table for presents and cake. I don't think he actually got to open any of the presents. :) He said it was perfect and the kids were so happy to be a part of his birthday. Oh I also let the kids help me make his German Chocolate cake from scratch. They did a great job and Stanley said it was delicious! I am really enjoying that celebrations mean more to them now. We love our kids! Stan said last night as we were talking about life and our family how much he enjoys having all 3 kids and how it feels so perfect to be a family of 5!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family tree at breakfast

This morning at breakfast Isabella started asking about her family. She talked about Lucie and wanted to know who here dad and mom where. Then she described Lucie's dog Brownie and Lucie's back yard. Then she asked who Zach's dad was and then talked about Todd and Alaenya and Lila and Gavin. It was so cute that she is really starting to remember family. She has really started understanding more about whats going on and what we are talking about. It is fun, but we are going to have to remember we have little ears that repeat things now. :)

I just started Weight Watchers again. It is only day 2 but so far so good. I decided that we all needed to get back on a better schedule since we have been so out of sync lately. I am hoping to get Tristan on a "Baby Wise" schedule so he better about naps. I always loving having a schedule so I feel productive and hopefully give the kids a little more structure.

On a side note here are some pictures from when my mom was here and we visited Ted and Dolly (grandparents) in Olympia Washington. They met us there so we didn't have to drive all the way to Seattle. It was great to see them. After we let the kids play at a Mall playground for an hr or so. I loved having my mom here.

Monday, February 6, 2012


My mom came to visit this week. She stayed with me and the kids while Stan went to an interview in Utah. It was so great having her here. The kids loved having "gwama woten" here. We did lots of fun things while she was here and we had great weather. These pictures are from our trip to The Tillamook Cheese factory. It was such a sunny day we couldn't resist stopping at the park for a picnic.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally settled.... for a few months

So I have been terrible at updating because we lost our camera over a year ago. :( However we got a new one for Christmas so I have been able to take more pictures.

Our life has been so busy this past year. We put all our stuff in storage in May and have moved all around until January. Stanley did rotations all over the country and the kids and I stayed with family. It was so great to be close to family especially while Stanley was gone. We were so blessed by so many people I felt that the Lord was providing so many people to make this past year great, even though it was probably the hardest yr ever.

We are enjoying getting all settled in again in Portland. We have been away so much it helped us realize how much we really love the city and all the friends we have made here. We are lucky enough to live a little out of town in a beautiful home. Our friend made an apartment out of the lower level of his home so we are living there. It is in a beautiful forest and there is lots of room for the kids to play and explore.

*This picture was taken during the 1 week that is snows in Portland. The next day it was all melted*

Poor Stanley has worked a crazy schedule this month. He has had to work a 30hr shift every 4 days. It was hard to get use to. I am glad it is almost over. I was nervous about taking care of all 3 kiddos alone for those long shifts but we figured out a schedule and have all survived. haha. I have actually made it to church on time with all 3 kids by myself. I was pretty proud of myself.
Isabella is getting to be such a little girl. She loves to paint her nails and play princess. Speech Therapy has really helped her and she is talking up a storm and we can understand most all of it. She is very bossy and loves to play make believe and tell Isaac what to say and do. Often I hear her repeating things I say and tattle telling on Isaac. I am sure that is normal for the oldest. Isaac bares it well and usually plays along. Isabella's favorite show currently is Go Diego Go. She can watch a show in the morning and all day long she will be acting it out or coloring pictures about what happened in that episode. She loves to play with her baby, especially while I am tending to Tristan. She is such a good big sister and helps with Tristan a lot. She loves to hold him and kiss him. We have started playing board games with her. She enjoys them but usually has a hard time playing to the end of a game. Isabella is so sweet and polite. She always says Thank You and Your Welcome. In fact if someone doesn't say it she tells them to and bugs them until they say thank you. She is getting to the age that she understands so much and picks up on things that we are talking about. It is so fun.

Isaac is so sweet. He understands and talks much more than kids his age. He is much easier to reason with. Thomas the Tank engine is his favorite toy. He builds tracks and plays with trains and freight cars all day long. He literally will ask for them when he gets up and we have to take them away before bed. He and Isabella love playing together. They will take their trains and play make believe for hrs. Yesterday when Stanley got home Isaac asked if he was a doctor? Stan laughed and said yes. So Isaac ran to his doctor set and put on his white coat and said he was a doctor too. He loves being just like his daddy. Stan got a "Stanley " Train for Christmas as a joke from my parents. Most days Isaac brings "Stanley" to daddy so he can play trains with him. Isaac has much more patience for games, he can play Candy Land to the end and not get board. He also loves his little brother Tristan. Each morning he asks when Tristan will wake up. When he does wake up both kids want to give him a kiss and hug. Isaac gets this sweet look on his face and talks in a baby cooing voice and says "Mom he is so tiny!'

Tristan is such a cutie! He has a sweet little face and little turned up nose. I get compliments on his features especially his nose. It always makes me laugh. He seems to have a touch of colic so he isn't as content as we would like but I am sure he will grow out of it soon. He sleeps pretty well and loves to be held and snuggled. He is just starting to smile and make cooing noises. It is so fun having a new born again. It is a little crazier but that's nothing new for us.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

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